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The economic development has been the source of inter communal project in this territory. The issue has been to organize to improve the exceptional position of the Group of Rural Districts in the context of the transport infrastructure such as the canal, the railways and the A31 and A4 motorways.

The reconversion started with the arrival of a car manufacturer inTrémery in 1979 with 800 workers (today nearly 5 000 jobs). This company has become the focal point of a business park called Eurotransit which developed in the 1980s.

The ever greater need for land resulted in the extension to Eurotransit at the start of the 1990s in order to respond to investors’ needs in the business park “the Fontaine des Saints”.

During the same period, the local representatives of the rural districts decided to develop the sector to the North and the South of the A4 motorway (Val Euromoselle site). A part of this site will be acquired by a company to build a hypermarket and different shops.

Since then, the Group of Rural Districts has continued its policy of creation, extension and development of business parks.

Today, commercial and business parks cover more than 650 hectares of developed, suitable land which, depending on the locations, can be used for industrial, logistic, artisan, tertiary, commercial or services purposes.

In addition to this, the community representatives have committed investments with a view to favouring the installation of new companies through the construction of two buildings and the Companies building in 2010.

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